2017 GFA Nominations


Group One A. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Up & Comer Actor

KALEN J. HALL                                          <NEW YORK 2150 >                                USA

PARIS DYLAN                                           <OUT OF TOWN>                                    USA

MASATO DISANTO                            < THE WALTZ OF MONSTER>                      ITALY

DANDRELL SCOTT                                    <PARKED>                                             USA


Group One B. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Up & Comer Actress

CYNNA Z.                                            < HUNTING THE HUNTER>                          USA

Ydalie Turk                                 <THE WALTZ OF THE MONSTERS>                     ITALY

YAN NAN                                            < PINA COLADA>                                           USA

Group One C. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Supporting Actress


CARLA RODRIGUEZ                                 < HIS DYING WISH>                                 USA

MARGO SEIBERT                                     < DOPE CRASH>                                       USA

MARIENETTE DAHLIN                                <MOUSSE>                                          SWEDEN


Group One D. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Supporting Actor

JASON BURKEY                             < THE 12 LIVES OF SISSY CARLYLE >               USA

LOUIS MANDYLOR                              < ESCAPE FROM ENSENADA>                     USA

CHRISTIAN LAIONTINI                                   < ABERRANTE>                                  ITALY

GUNNAR EMBLAD                                          < MOUSSE>                                      SWEDEN



Group Two A . 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Screenplay

Gina Cresse                                               <DOING IN THE BOTTLE>                           USA

KIRBY WRIGHT                                              < INSANE DIEGO>                                  USA

ERIC GRANGER                                       <TERMINAL SQUARD>                                USA

ROBERT J ROGERS                                           <SALT BOX>                                        USA


Group Two B. -2017 Nominees for  GFA Outstanding Animation

CUPID IS NOT A TERRORIST                                                                                   SWITZERLAND

HEAVENKID                                                                                                                  TAIWAN

CORE                                                                                                                               UK


Group Two C. -2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Cinematography

4242                                                                                                                               PORTUGAL

NEW YORK 2150                                                                                                             USA

A DANCE AT THE GRAVES                                                                                             USA


Group Two D. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Editing

4242                                                                                                                             PORTUGAL

ABERRANTE                                                                                                                   ITALY

NEW YORK 2150                                                                                                              USA

MANTRA FOR THE GOOD PEOPLE                                                                               USA


Group Two E. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Visual Effect

NEXUS                                                                                                                 USA

NEW YORK  2150                                                                                               USA

THE DIE IS CAST                                                                                               USA


Group Three

Group Three A. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Actor

STEPHANE BERTOLA                                        <MOUSE>                                         SWEDEN

JOE GANDURSKI                                                  <RPG>                                                USA

LUCA GHIGNONE                                        < ABERRANTE>                                         ITALY

Group Three B. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Actress

YVETTE BENSON                         <THE ACTRESS & THE LANDLORD>                     CANADA

DEVINNY PINN                                   < ESCAPE FROM ENSENADA>                           USA

APRIL BILLINGSLEY                                    < 12 LIVES OF SISSY CARLYLE  >                                USA


Group Three C. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Short Film

THE WALTZ OF THE MONSTERS                                                                                    ITALY

THE LAST HURRAH                                                                                                           USA

SOUL COMMUNICATION                                                                                                 TAIWAN

NEW YORK 2150                                                                                                                USA

A DANCE AT THE GRAVES                                                                                               USA

OUT OF TOWN                                                                                                                   USA

THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC                                                                                       USA  

IMMIGRANT BROTHERS                                                                                                   USA

Group Three D. 2017 Nominees GFA Outstanding Foreign Film

THE 99th ENCOUNTER                                                                                                    CHINA

SOUL COMMUNICATION                                                                                                TAIWAN

VAMPIRE LOVE                                                                                                                SPAIN

ALL THE WAY TO BLOOM                                                                                                CHINA



Group Four A. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Producer

FRAN BURST TERRANELLA                <THE 12 LIVES OF SISSY CARLYLE>                  USA

SHAWN K. FLANAGAN                                  < JIMMY KENDRICK>                                    USA

LEONID LOPATIN                                          < THE DIE IS CAST>                                 FINLAND

DRICA ARMSTRONG                                   <HIS DYING WISH>                                        USA


Group Four B. 2017 Nominees GFA Outstanding Director

SHAWN FLANAGAN                                    < JIMMY KENDRICK>                                      USA

BRANDON SLAGLE                               <ESCAPE FROM ENSENADA>                             USA

LEONID LOPATIN                                       <THE DIE IS CAST.>                                       FINLAND

DAN & BRAMWELL NOAH                             <I ,TIMON>                                                AUSTRALIA


Group Four C. 2017 Nominees for GFA Outstanding Picture

ESCAPE FROM ENSENADA                                                                                                  USA

HIS DYING WISH                                                                                                                    USA

ABERRANTE                                                                                                                           ITALY



Group Five A.  2017 GFA Special Jury Award

MOZART AND HIS 260 PIANISTS                                                                                            USA

I AM GRACE                                                                                                                            KOREA

GEETA                                                                                                                                        USA

2017 DESSERT STORM POKER RUN                                                                                      USA

LEVEL 2                                                                                                                                   IRELAND 

Group Five B. 2017 Nominees for GFA Excellence- Music

FROM THE OUTSIDE                                                                                                                 USA

MANTRA FOR GOOD PEOPLE                                                                                                 USA

NEW WAYS TO BEAR WITNESS                                                                                               USA

A WINTER’S JAZZ FANTASY                                                                                                     USA

LIKE I DO                                                                                                                                    USA

LIBERA                                                                                                                                       USA


Group Five C. 2017 GFA Goodwill Ambassador

       To be announced later  (TBA)



Group Six A. 2017 Nominees for Best Editing

THE DIE IS CAST                                                                                                                     FINLAND

THE 99th ENCOUNTER                                                                                                           TAIWAN

ALONE                                                                                                                                     FINLAND

DAIPOOL                                                                                                                                      USA

EXPECTING SUNSHINE                                                                                                           CANADA

Group Six B. 2017 Nominees for Best Screenplay

GINA CRESSE                                               <SINFANDEL>                                                        USA

JEFF WOODARD                                            <SPY HIGH>                                                          USA

LEE CHAMBERS & KRIS KETONEN         <NORBERT & THE GNOMES >                              CANADA

ERIC GRANGER                                     <HINDSIGHT>                                            USA


Group Six C. 2017 Nominees for Best Animation

CUPID IS NOT A TERRORIST                                                                                               SWITZERLAND

CORE                                                                                                                                              UK

REQUIEM FOR GREED                                                                                                                 USA



Group Seven A. 2017 Nominees for Best Student Film

4242                                                                                                                                            PORTUGAL

GETA                                                                                                                                               USA

GRANDMA’S ROOM                                                                                                                    KOREA

Mirror                                                                                                                                         PORTUGAL


Group Seven B. 2017 Nominees for Best Documentary

EXPECTING SUNSHINE                                                                                                                USA

MACAW PROJECT                                                                                                                     HUNGARY

MOZART AND HIS 260 PIANISTS                                                                                                  USA



Group Eight A. 2017 Nominees for Best Foreign Film

MOUSSE                                                                                                                                     SWEDEN

ABERRANTS                                                                                                                                 ITALY

PINA COLADA                                                                                                                               CHINA

SAVING SANTA                                                                                                                              UK

THOUGHT OF LOVE                                                                                                                 DENMARK

EMMOTT & ROWLAND                                                                                                                UK

DREAM LINER/AIRPLANE                                                                                                        CHINA


Group Eight B. 2017 Nominees for Best Short Film

MACAW PROJECT                                                                                                                 HUNGARY

ONE UPON A DREAM                                                                                                            BELGIUM

GRANDMA’S ROOM                                                                                                                 KOREA

SECOND CHANCE ” If One Wish Granted”                                                                               USA

NEXUS                                                                                                                                   GUATEMALA

TWENTY YEARS AFTER                                                                                                           USA

RPG                                                                                                                                             USA

UNDERPAID S 2                                                                                                                          USA


Group Eight C. 2017 Nominees for Best Cinematography

MOUSSE                                                                                                                                SWEDEN

NEW YORK 2510                                                                                                                      USA

ESCAPE FROM ENSENADA                                                                                                    USA

I, TIMON                                                                                                                               AUSTRALIA

ALL THE WAY TO BLOOM                                                                                                      CHINA



Group Nine A. 2017 Nominees Best Up & Comer Actress

CARLA RODRIGUEZ                                 < HIS DYING WISH>                                              USA  

VALERIA TARDIVO                                      <ABERRANTE>                                                   ITALY


More To be announced (TBA)


Group Nine B. 2017 Nominees Best Up & Comer Actor

KALAN J. HALL                                                     <NEW YORK 2150 >                                    USA

MASATO DISANTO                                               < OUT OF TOWN>                                       USA

PARIS DYLAN                                               < THE WALTZ OF MOINSTER>                           USA

BINJIANG  ZHU                                                   < TAI CHI COP>                                               USA


Group Nine C. 2017 Nominees for Best Supporting Actor

JASON BURKEY                                           < THE 12 LIVES OF SISSY CARLYLE >               USA

LUCA GHIGNONE                                                     < ABERRANTE>                                       ITALY

GUNNAR EMBLAD                                                     < MOUSSE>                                         SWEDEN

GENO ROMO                                                              <VICIOUS>                                               USA


Group Nine D. 2017 Nominees Best Supporting Actress

STEPHENIE NORTHRUP                             < THE 12 LIVES OF SISSY CARLYLE >              USA

CARLA RODINGUEZ                                             <HIS DYING WISH>                                    USA

MARGO SEIBERT                                                   < DOPE CRASH>                                       USA

MARIENETTE DAHLIN                                              <MOUSSE>                                      SWEDEN

TARA MARIE KIR                                                         <VICIOUS>                                              USA


2017 Nominees for Best Actor

KALEVI RAJALA                                                < THE DIE IS CAST>                                  FINLAND

LOUIS MANDYLOR                                  <ESCAPE FROM ENSENADA>                             USA

JASON JAMES RICHTER                                    <VICIOUS>                                                  USA


2017 Nominees for Best Actress

ALEKSANDRA VUJCIC                                  < THE LAST HURRAH>                                         USA

APRIL BILLINGSLEY                               < THE 12 LIVES OF SISSY CARLYLE >                      USA

 ANGELA NORDENG                                              <VICIOUS>                                                      USA

GIGI EDGLEY                                                             <NEXUS>                                                   GUATEMALA


2017 Nominees for Best Director

ERAN BURST TERRANELLA                      < THE 12 LIVES OF SISSY CARLYLE  >                  USA

BRANDON SLAGLE                                    < ESCAPE FROM ENSENADA  >                              USA

MAURO RUSSO ROUGE                                    <  ABERRANTE>                                               ITALY

JASON ROSENBLATT                                           < VICIOUS>                                                     USA


2017 Nominees for Best Picture GFA

THE DIE IS CAST                                                                                                                       FINLAND

I,TIMON                                                                                                                                    AUSTRALIA

ESCAPE ENSENADA                                                                                                                     USA

THE 12 LIVES OF SISSY CARLYLE                                                                                               USA

ABERRANTE                                                                                                                                  ITALY


2017 GFA Achievement Award


To be announced (TBA)



Please check back often for most updated nominations .

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